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#017 The Intersection Between Tech and Social Impact with Gary Carrier

In this episode, we chat with Gary Carrier (@garcarez), the founder of Plataforma Impact. We talk about his journey of leaving everything behind in the US and moving to Latin America to help with different social causes. We also discuss how technology is transforming the trajectory of young people in low-income areas.

#016 The dark side of open source maintainability with Jonathan Neal

In this episode, we chat with Jonathan Neal (@jon_neal), the co-creator of Normalize.css and a Senior Web Developer at Modulz. We talk about some sensitive topics around participating in tech communities, open source maintainability, and burnout. We also discuss the HTML, CSS, and PostCSS ecosystems.

#015 A/B Testing, Engineering Culture, and Developer Experience with Bruno Passos

In this episode, we chat with Bruno Passos (@brunopassos) who is leading Developer Experience at Booking.com. We talk about A/B testing, feature flags, and the statical power of experimentation. We also discuss engineering culture and how to deal with legacy code when working with over two thousand developers.

#014 Mechanical Keyboards, Streaming, and Pizza with Cassidy Williams

In this episode, we chat with Cassidy Williams (@cassidoo), Director of Developer Experience at Netlify. We talk about building mechanical keyboards, doing live streams, being a startup advisor, and our shared love for pizza. We also discuss public speaking, storytelling, and how to find your own style.

#013 How to start a tech podcast

In another special episode, Jonni Lundy (@jonnilundy) and Zeno Rocha (@zenorocha) meet in person to talk about how you can start a tech podcast. We discuss the differences between doing an audio-only podcast and a video podcast. We also dive into microphones, cameras, and other tools that you can use to record, edit, and publish your own podcast.

#012 How to not mess up remote work

In this special episode, Jonni Lundy (@jonnilundy) and Zeno Rocha (@zenorocha) meet in real life to talk about remote work. We talk about the differences between working on a fully remote company vs. a hybrid remote company. We also discuss how to develop relationships in this new digital scenario.

#011 Working at GitHub with Ramon Page

In this episode, we chat with Ramon Page (@ramonpage), a Senior Software Engineer at GitHub (Microsoft). We talk about the challenges of working remotely while the rest of the team is at the office. We discuss how to deal with company mergers and the cultural changes that come along with them. Besides that, we explore how is the experience of working at a developer-centric company like GitHub.

#010 Navigating self-employment with Lena Sesardic

In this episode, we chat with Lena Sesardic (@lenasesardic). We talk about the differences between working at big companies vs. startups and the challenges of being a generalist vs. specialist. We also discuss personal branding, freelancing, entrepreneurship, and much more.

#009 Being a new parent in tech with Pedro Duarte

In this episode, we talk with Pedro Duarte (@peduarte), a Developer Experience Engineer at Modulz. We chat about bridging the gap between tech and design. The challenges of being a new parent while changing jobs and moving to another country. And how Radix and Stitches can help you build better user interfaces.

#008 The challenge of switching jobs with Demian Borba

In this episode, we chat with Demian Borba (@demianborba), Principal Product Manager at Intuit. We talk about the challenges of organizing a conference, moving from one technology platform to another, and being involved with the community. We also discuss some of the projects he led while working at Adobe, Paypal, Blackberry and how he transitioned from Software Development to Developer Relations to Product Management.

#007 What does it mean to be Enterprise-Ready?

In this episode, Jonni Lundy (@jonnilundy) and Zeno Rocha (@zenorocha) talk about the experience of transforming a traditional self-serve SaaS product into a full enterprise solution. We talk about the changes you have to do in terms of Product, Marketing, Information Security, Operations, and Engineering. We also discuss the challenges of selling to the user vs. selling to the buyer, the different kinds of release strategies, and the cons/pros of being building an enterprise product.

#006 Building Google documentation sites with Rob Dodson

In this episode, we talk with Rob Dodson (@rob_dodson), a Staff Developer Advocate at Google. He talks about how they built the web.dev and developer.chrome.com sites for millions of users using Eleventy. He describes the challenges of becoming a manager in 2020/2021, showing empathy with your team through a screen, navigating a big organization like Google. He also shares his opinions about accessibility and web components.

#005 Productizing yourself with David Guttman

Today we're talking with David Guttman (@davidguttman). He describes how he managed to run a JavaScript user group for 10 years, along with the lessons he learned and the challenges of running a remote event nowadays. He also shares his motivation to help junior developers to become senior developers by writing books and recording a podcast. In the end, he shares how he was able to transform his services into products.

#004 Building in Public and Salary Transparency

In this episode, Jonni Lundy (@jonnilundy) and Zeno Rocha (@zenorocha) discuss the #BuildInPublic trend. We talk about how individuals are building products with radical transparency, the benefits of that approach, and the challenges that come with it. We also discuss how companies are being transparent with salaries and their organizational culture.

#003 Creating StackOverflow and Discourse with Jeff Atwood

Today we're talking with Jeff Atwood (@codinghorror), the co-founder of Stack Overflow and Discourse. Jeff talked about the early days at Stack Overflow and the challenges they faced. He shared how he was able to able to write more than one thousand articles on his personal blog. We discussed why he created Discourse, what are the problems they are trying to solve, how they are taking on giants like Facebook, and how it compares to tools like Slack and GitHub Discussions. We also discussed how he created a mechanical keyboard.

#002 Integrating thousands of systems at scale with Netto Farah

In this episode, we interview our first guest - Netto Farah (@nettofarah). He is a Principal Software Engineer at Segment which was recently acquired by Twilio. Netto describes the challenges of integrating with third-party systems at IFTTT, scaling large engineering teams by building tools at Segment, embracing change during a company acquisition at Twilio, moving to Austin after years of living in San Francisco, rewriting a JavaScript library used by millions of users, being an Individual Contributor vs. Engineering Manager, and creating a dark-first component library (Dracula UI).

#001 Introduction, Automation, and SaaS

This is the inaugural episode of the ByteTalk podcast, with your hosts Jonni Lundy (@jonnilundy) and Zeno Rocha (@zenorocha), where we talk about why we're starting this podcast and who we are. We also discuss some interesting topics like automation, no-code, and SaaS.

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